28 July 2021
Qualcomm faces consumer litigation in UK

Qualcomm faces consumer litigation in UK

UK court, QualcommApple and Samsung phone owners to pay a large amount of compensation. Chip licensing practices are claimed to inflate phone prices for consumers.

A series of antitrust after his sentence Qualcommis now facing a consumer lawsuit where he could be forced to pay compensation to phone owners in the UK. The country’s leading consumer association, with its alleged chip maker in violation of competition law 683 million dollars suing for damages in the amount.

Qualcomm does not accept claims

Consumer association QualcommIt claims to have used its dominance in patent licensing and the processor market by imposing high fees on Apple and Samsung for technology licenses, which later extended to consumers in the form of higher smartphone prices.

As a result of the case 2015Depending on the number and type of smartphones purchased by people who have bought Apple or Samsung mobile phones since. 24 ila 42 It is estimated that he could charge a fee of $.

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Qualcomm frustrated the claims. A company spokesperson told BBC News. “dAs the hunters knew very well, their allegations were effectively terminated by a unanimous panel of judges in the Ninth Court of Appeal of the United States last summer, ” he said and referred to the FTC’s case regarding unfair practices.

683 million dollars, Qualcomm’un 2020of income in 2.8 percentThe company struggled to free itself from the resulting bad publicity of penalties and litigation issues. Only in Asia, before China, Kore and Taiwan‘gives 2.6 billion dollars He was left with exceeding antitrust penalties.

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