1 August 2021
Razer begins production of 'RGB' face masks

Razer begins production of ‘RGB’ face masks

Player One of the first companies to manufacture equipment Razerwill also meet the needs of users in the field of health. In the past months CES 2021The company that announced its first concept in; RGB begins the production of his detailed mask. The mask with a transparent design was liked by many users.

Razer started the production of the face mask, which especially pleased the players.

Razer has the concept design it introduced at CES 2021 in January. N95 announced that it plans to manufacture and sell the face mask. The company has so far only Project Hazel It did not disclose a price or sales plan for the mask known as. But the CEO Min-Liang Tanannounced in a recent interview that the product will be on the market soon.


Razer CEO’s Min-Liang TanIn an interview with Yahoo Finance: “We thought this was a concept project, and will these apply when vaccines and everything else are implemented? As many as we had many questions in our minds. But We will realize this project and unfortunately I think we will all wear masks for a long time.“He made the statements.

Razer’s smart maskremovable and rechargeable fans, waterproof and scratch resistant recycled It was showcased with a shiny exterior design made of plastic. In addition, ventilators are built into microphones; Thanks to its feature that does not make a muffled sound while talking, it provides smooth voice communication.


Chroma RGB the light will illuminate two fans and even in the mouth area when it gets dark. automatic By providing light, it allows other people to understand you easily. Although it is a smart mask full of technology, users adjustable ear he thinks the design and comfort of his rings are not good.

Razer’s To produce this product quickly; Food and Drug AdministrationWill need approvals and certificates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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