30 July 2021
Red notice to Thodex CEO - ShiftDelete.Net

Red notice to Thodex CEO – ShiftDelete.Net

International Police Service (Interpol), Following a request from Turkey Thodex’s CEO Faruk Fatih Özer issued a red notice about. Interior Minister Süleyman SoyluAlbania’s Interior Minister Cucina Bled with the phone calls made and captured after Ozer has demanded the extradition to Turkey.

Press statement came from the General Directorate of Security

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security what he did today in the press release Thodex’s CEO Faruk Fatih announced that a red notice was issued for Özer with the following sentences:

“After the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor sent a request for a red bulletin to our General Directorate on the evening of 22.04.2021 about the founder of the crypto money exchange Thodex, which fled to Albania, the transactions at Interpol were immediately initiated and the red bulletin was issued as of 23.04.2021 at 10:00. has been removed.

In addition, while red bulletin operations are being carried out, our Police General Manager Mr. Mehmet Aktaş, General Director of Albania Police and our Minister of Interior Mr. Süleyman Soylu also met with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Albania, Mr. They had a telephone conversation with Bledar Cuci.

It is respectfully announced to the public. “

The history of the Republic of Turkey with his biggest emphasis The news about Faruk Fatih Özer, who is known, is not interrupted. 2 billion dollars worth crypto money with Tuesday, April 20 day on hour 19.50‘from AlbaniaCapital of They throwThe efforts to catch Özer, who escaped to Turkey, continue without slowing down.

In a statement he made on his Twitter account, the fate of Özer, who claimed that he went abroad to find investors in order to fix the bad situation, remains uncertain.

How did the Thodex thing start?

Everything Thodexcryptocurrency on April 17 Dogecoin in trading trouble life started with. Thodex, later shared a shocking statement. To be made to the company a new investment due to all 4-5 business days for trading explaining that he stopped along Thodexstarted to attract doubts.

If later Faruk Fatih Ozer today he posted an announcement on his personal Instagram account and Thodex’s social media accounts. Saying that the allegations about the internet are completely unfounded, Özer you are abroad and said he would return to Turkey in the coming days.

2 billion dollars profiteering Faruk Fatih Özer responding to his allegations, “Let the Thodex’s trading volume, trading volume on all the crypto-currency platform in Turkey is not so,” he said.

After the incident, a criminal complaint was filed against Thodex. According to the information revealed in the morning today, the founder is now asked to be included among the wanted by the red notice.

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