18 April 2021
Redmi K40 Pro comes out of the box

Redmi K40 Pro comes out of the box

Redmi K40 Pro box opening We are here with the video. Redmi’s phone, which was unveiled on February 25, stands out especially with its price. Snapdragon 888 for the device powered by the processor ‘flagship killer’ we can say. You can see the box contents of the device and our first impressions of the phone in the video.

On the other hand, your phone in our country It will not go on sale under the name K40 Pro Let’s also specify. The device, as in the previous model’s cool, if you arrive in Turkey, different one by naming will take its place on the shelves.

‘Flagship killer’ Redmi K40 Pro box opening

Redmi’s device that stands out with its price performance balance, AnTuTuHe also received a high score from. From the test he entered 744.877 the phone that gets the score, Android became one of the most powerful devices in the world. on the other hand 435 dollar starting price made the K40 Pro the center of attention. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

To reach TeknoMehmet, which supplies the phone: https://bit.ly/TeknoMehmet

Another striking point among the features of the Redmi K40 Pro was the screen. K40 Pro’s screen; 6.67 inch in size, FHD+ will be in resolution. At the same time, the screen 120 Hz refresh rate will appear before the consumer with. If the display panel of the phone AMOLED.

The RAM capacity of the K40 Pro, powered by Qualcomm’s flagship processor, comes in two different options. The phone has 6 GB and 8 GB memory options. Also on the storage side 128 GB and 256 GB there are versions.

K40 Pro battery capacity is 4.520 mAh was worth it. On the other hand, the phone 33W fast charging will offer its support to its users.

Redmi K40 Pro price

The price gives the K40 Pro the title of the flagship killer. The starting price of the phone with high-end hardware features $ 435 happened. Other prices are as follows:

6GB / 128GB: $ 435

8GB / 128GB: $ 465

8GB / 256GB: $ 510

On the other hand, the standard model of the K40 is From $ 310 will take place on the shelves with starting prices. When the K40, RAM and storage option is maximized $ 418 reaches its price.

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