30 July 2021
Removed: Parler used by Trump supporters returns

Removed: Parler used by Trump supporters returns

In the USA on January 6 Capitol raid social media application that gets its share from the events happening within the scope of Speak There have been positive developments for The app used by Trump supporters to plan action was removed from the App Store. The ongoing crisis between Apple and Parler officials has been resolved.

Press release officials stated that Parler will return to iPhones, and announced that expected date.

Parler complies with App Store rules

Apple, Speak’a Violates App Store rules imposed sanctions due to. He warned that the platform’s administrators should make an effort to improve content control and keep dangerous and hateful posts out of the app. After this move, Parlar officials re-applied to Apple last month, but they did not receive a positive response.

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Parler was heavily sanctioned by technology giants.

Opened to Apple this week due to App Store policies in the US of antitrust litigation his hearing will be held. A few days before the hearing, a statement about Parler came from Apple. US company on the platform encourage violence, humiliate various ethnic groups, races and religions, glorify Nazism and call for violence found in stated that he found the contents. Saying that it constantly rejects the application for this reason, Apple emphasized that it is in constant contact with Parler officials.

Parler, who published a press release on the subject, finally released the app from Apple. that you accept announced. The good news is that John Matze’s successor, who was dismissed at the outbreak of events, interim CEO Mark Meckler gave. Meckler said they are working hard to comply with Apple rules. Implying that their effort is working, Parler app has been added to the App Store catalog. April 26also stated that it will be added again.

A much stricter control policy will take effect on Parler’s iOS application. Web and Android‘Mark Meckler, who said that they will no longer allow objectionable content to appear on the iPhone, with filtering mechanism shared the information that he will work.

Parler CEO Mark Meckler gave superficial details about the new system. In addition to maintaining a strict ban on perspective-based content moderation, better detect illegal conversations and they are working to build systems that allow users to filter unwanted content. However, he did not provide detailed information about what kind of content they would allow on the platform.

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