18 April 2021

Renowned Twitch broadcaster Gross Gore banned from abuse

Popular Twitch streamer Gross Gore (Ali Larsen) Due to allegations of sexual harassment banned from the platform. The young streamer was not only restricted but also with the company partnership status also lost.

According to similar live streaming applications, Twitch stands out with its extremely strict terms of service. However, this attitude of the platform sometimes means “potentially dangerous”It is of great benefit in blocking publishers. Facing harsh accusations, Gross Gore was removed from the platform for violating the terms of service. Although there is no official statement from Twitch for now, Gore’s followers do not have a hard time guessing why.

Why was Gross Gore banned from Twitch?

Gross Gore some allegations against Twitch’s ban decision gives us very solid clues about it. Account suspended multiple times over the years 28 year old publisherhas been garnering reactions on social media since last week. Protests against the publisher, which started on Friday, reveal his ugly crimes in the past.

Gross Gore

Gross Gore’s past crimes have been exposed on social media.

Among the allegations, ten years ago, Gross verbally abused an underage girl, citing that she was with another young girl. The events are not limited to these. While the banned broadcaster was accused of harassing a fan during TwitchCon; Almost a dozen such accusations are now widely echoed. It is even said that some of these allegations contain videos of evidence.

He said, “Today I am not that person”, took the accusations

In response to the allegations, Gross Gore posted a YouTube video. He said that some of the sexual harassment charges against him were false or taken out of context. The former Twitch phenomenon who apologized for his embarrassing actions, “There are some disgusting things in my past. I can promise you today that I am not that person. Looking back, I’m ashamed and very regretful,” said.

35-minute video shared by Gross Gore (Ali Larsen):

Therefore, although the lottery uses an expression with his explanations Ali “Gross” Larsen he accepted the accusations. On top of all this Twitch he did the necessary intervention and banned him. Partnership agreement but terminated. This probably indicates that Gross will never be able to return to the platform again. However, the company remains silent about the banned broadcaster’s duration and reason.

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