23 July 2021
Research that puts an end to the connection between blood type and Covid-19

Research that puts an end to the connection between blood type and Covid-19

Some reports during the first period of the pandemic, Type A people with blood type More susceptible to coronavirus had claimed. 0 types individuals with blood type that you have less risk had suggested. But studies in three states of the USA Covid-19 with blood group brought an answer to the question of whether there is a link between them.

108 thousand coronavirus patients examined

In the health network of three states, 108 thousand patients has been examined. As a result of the studies, no link was found between the blood group and the risk of Covid-19. Johns Hopkins Health Safety Centeracademician in Dr. Amesh Adalja He made the following statement:

“Since the beginning of the pandemic blood group It is thought that there is a relationship between the risk of coronavirus. But in this great study we did, blood types CovidSensitivity to -19 we saw that it does not cause any seriousness about it. “


Experts said that there is no link between blood type and Covid-19 risk.

Mount Sinai South Nassauworking as an epidemiologist in Dr. Aaron Glatt Although he was not included in the research carried out, he supported the result. Glatt said he didn’t think all these rumors about blood groups were true from the beginning. Stating that there is practically no difference between A type blood groups and other blood groups against the disease, the doctor shared that everyone should take equal precautions.

Allegations of link between blood type and Covid-19 debunked

These claims were in the early stages of Covid-19. In china It had started with a report that emerged. Allegations spread around the world in a short time Researchers in Italy and Spain also supported by; but Denmark and In the united states Other studies had made the results quite complex and contradictory.

Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute‘Why Dr. Jeffrey Anderson led scientists refuted all these claims. 24 hospitals and 215 clinics The non-profit healthcare organization, which was formed, analyzed data from tens of thousands of patients.

Until now Covid-19 with blood group It was found that the reports showing the link between the two were completely coincidental findings. According to the researchers, the factors confirming the claim emerged randomly. Experts say that blood type does not pose a risk for Coronavirus; but gender, age and Ethnicity He said that such factors as can increase susceptibility to the disease.

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