23 July 2021
Researchers warn: Bitcoin will cause crisis

Researchers warn: Bitcoin will cause crisis

Has been on the world’s agenda for a while crypto money miningreached incredible proportions, especially in China. The country with the highest air pollution China, this time too electricity consumption came up because of it. Researchers, Nature Communications’da In the report they published, they revealed the damage caused by crypto money mining to the nature.

China will make the world ‘uninhabitable’ for cryptocurrency mining

After crypto money mining entered our lives, the global climate crisis and sustainability problems increased rapidly. Increasing carbon emissions due to high electricity consumption have mobilized climate crisis researchers.

China will make the world uninhabitable because of cryptocurrency mining

Bitcoin mining annual in China 130.5 million tons of carbon emissions Stating that it was the cause, the researchers underlined that this issue triggered the climate crisis. Approximately China’s Bitcoin operations in 2020 to 79 percent announced to have.

In the research report, “A simulation was created about Bitcoin mining in China. In line with the results obtained, in 2024 yearly 296,59 Twh It was determined that (Terawatt hour) electricity consumption will be reached. “Statements take place.

Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers explained that due to carbon emissions exceeding 130 million tons in China alone, governments should increase the carbon tax. In addition, there are about 13 million tons of CO2 emissions between 2016 and 2018 due to Bitcoin mining.

“Competition in the mining industry has increased due to the rapid development of hardware technologies,” the researchers said. Many cryptocurrency miner It adds new hardware to its systems to gain more profit. This move, which increases energy consumption, causes air pollution to increase exponentially. To the Paris agreement China, which is among the signatory countries, cannot meet its emission reduction efforts due to crypto money miners. ” said.

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