30 July 2021
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer released

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness trailer released

Capcom’un legendary game series Resident Evil’ın sequence Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, It was introduced at the Resident Evil Showcase live broadcast on Youtube. A trailer was shared as well as the platform where the series will be broadcast and the date of its release.

Known for his animated productions such as Sonic X, Detective Conan, Spider-Man, Detective Gadget. TMS Entertainment undertook the production of the series.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Fragmanı

Resident Evil series inspired by the story of the Resident Evil 4 video game July 2021 in the history of Netflix’te will be published. Apart from the series, we know that the game series made a movie. The motion picture we learned that the release date was postponed recently Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City It will be released on November 24.

The premise of the horror action series takes place after a hacking incident was discovered in the White House in 2006. Leon scott Kennedyis ordered to investigate the incident. However, after being attacked by zombies, Kennedy to supervise the construction of a welfare facility. Terrace He is starting to work on a task led by him. Checking out a strange picture of a child refugee while on duty Claire meets with.

American actress Nick Apostolides stars as the male lead, Leon Scott Kennedy. The character of Claire Redfield, the female lead, will be played by Stephanie Panisello.

The release date has been postponed

The motion picture of the successful game series 3 SeptemberIt would be released in the vision. But at the beginning of April, the date 24 November 2021has been postponed to.

The series, inspired by the fourth game of the game series, will be broadcast on the Netflix platform in July 2021.

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