23 July 2021
Resident Evil Village arrives in Stadia on May 7

Resident Evil Village arrives in Stadia on May 7

Leydi Dimitrescu May 7‘ta Stadiagoing to. Resident Evil Village will be released for Google’s cloud game service Stadia on the same day as PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Standard version From $ 60 Deluxe Version of the game to be sold to game lovers From $ 70 will be presented. In addition to the game to pre-order Let’s say it is open.

Winters with My’‘s tragic adventures continue where they left off

While Google is no longer making its own Stadia games, the company continues to bring major third-party games to the platform. Google also gives you a bonus if you pre-order or buy Resident Evil Village in Stadia until May 21. If you pre-order a Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra including Stadia Premiere Edition kiti is offered for free.

Resident Evil the eighth big game in the series Villagewill bring users survival experience to its peak. Continuation of biohazard The game is about a few years after the last story. Moving to a new house, recovering from past nightmares Ethan Winters with his wife My‘s tragic adventures continue from where he left off in the new house.

as you will remember Resident Evil: Village It was first announced at the PlayStation 5 promotional event in June 2020. Game according to the date announced after the announcement May 7 first in history Windows, PlayStation 5 and It would be released for the Xbox Series X and Series S. However, as a result of the latest move by Google, the game is simultaneously with other platforms. Stadia It will also be published for the players.

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