14 April 2021
Rivals AMD and Nvidia: Here's the Intel Xe HPG

Rivals AMD and Nvidia: Here’s the Intel Xe HPG

Intel, Announced in August 2020 Vehicle HPG shared a new tip about his architecture. The move that will increase the competition in the graphics card market is eagerly awaited by many users.

Intel shared a tip about Xe HPG

Intel has taken the processor competition with AMD to a new level. The company, which managed to gain the appreciation of the users with its new processor models, came to the agenda with its Apple M1 competitor processor. It was noted that the statements made by Intel and the information on the company’s website did not match. It seems Intel will not be able to compete with Apple M1 processors on battery performance. On the other hand, the company, which continues its preparations to enter the graphics card market, is seen as a serious competitor to AMD and Nvidia.

Intel shared a tip about Xe HPG

Xe HPG, which is described as a high performance graphical interface, came back to the agenda with Intel’s Twitter sharing. In the shared video Xe LP (low power) A beam hitting the chip causes the chip to transform into Xe HPG.

Appears at the 17th second of the video 79.0731W code is the first hint shown by the company. Some analysts say you’re the 31W statement in the tip 31st week defined as.

Shown at 22 seconds If the IP address is https://xehpg.intel.comdirected to. Xe HPG introduction date on the site 26 March 19.00 TSI specified as.

A secret code will be required to enter the event to be held by Intel. On the page created for Xe HPG ”Please come back to enter your secret code. ”Statement is included.

Some analysts say that the secret code shared in the video 79.0731W thinks it is. Although it is not certain yet, it is estimated that the company will make new posts for the clue.

With Intel’s entry into the graphics card market your players and cryptocurrency miners It is thought to be directed to Intel. Although no official statement has been made by the company yet, it is estimated that Intel will also allow crypto money mining with graphics cards.

Due to the chip problem in the electronics industry, the graphics cards developed by Intel are highly likely to be released with a high price tag. That’s why the company needs to deliver results close to its competitors in terms of graphics performance.

What do you think of Intel’s video card move? You can indicate your answers in the comments.

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