21 April 2021

Roblox announces $ 2.5 billion in revenue

Entered the New York Stock Exchange and officially opened to the public Roblox, In the statement he made the other day App Store and Google Play on their platforms 2.5 billion announced that it had reached $ mobile revenue. The firm also earns this income 1.2 billion your dollar only In 2020 stressed that it belongs.

Most of Roblox revenues are from America

Car on platforms 2 billion the dollar threshold of the past year October last month Roblox, Although it was free to play, it earned all its income from Robux, the in-game currency. While players can spend on other platforms as well, over half of Roblox’s sales are either App Store ‘and or Google Play came over. on the other hand ABD’li players that percentage of mobile revenue 65He created his.

roblox-earned-$ 25-billion-revenue

After multiple delays in public offering, Roblox finally 10 Mart’ta It achieved its purpose through direct listing. According to CNN New York Stock Exchange, per share to firm 45 when setting a reference price in dollars, the stock is almost a percentage point relative to market close. 55 increasingly 69.50 showed as much as $. This is also in the listing of the company 45 billion exceeding the dollar SHE and Take Two It has a higher value than industry giants such as.

About the subject CNN’e in the descriptions found in Roblox CEO’s and also co-founder David Baszucki, “For us, direct listing seemed the right way to go. In this way, we will bring the whole community together and everyone will use the same price at the trade opening ”.

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