23 July 2021
Rocket League Season 3 begins: Here's the history

Rocket League Season 3 begins: Here’s the history

Rocket League Season 3, April 7, 2021begins in. New season, both NASCAR him the Formula 1 It will contain two different packages. Developer company Psyonix, respectively May It has released a trailer for the new season and cars featuring NASCAR and F1 packages, which will be available in early May and mid-May.

In the new season, it will be on a new track as well as cars

New season Announcing on his Twitter account, Rocket League Start your engines! Season 3 arrives at the starting line on April 7. Prepare to celebrate the art of racing alongside the DFH Stadium, featuring new cars, items, challenges and more. Plus, it is on the track in May in NASCAR and F1 ” shared his note.

Rocket League team, NASCAR and Formula 1As well as new cars celebrating Auranus‘or a “Speed ​​monster” It is stated that it will add. This plugin also Sezon 3 Rocket Passannounced to be a part of. And it is stated that it will emerge in full next week.

Season 3 also features a redesigned DFH Stadium (Runway) will also take place. This arena is at the beginning of Season 3 Casual and Competitive Playlists, Custom Matches and Free To Play will be added.

For more detailed information on the new season of Rocket League focused on competition and excitement here you can visit. Rocket League Season 3 what do you think about You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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