4 August 2021
RTX 3080 Ti will make virtual miners smile

RTX 3080 Ti will make virtual miners smile

Increasing its popularity with each passing day crypto coinspaves the way for new sectors. The most important of these is digital mining. With the rise of new generation graphics cards and cryptocurrencies, this type of mining, which is more popular than ever before, is experiencing its golden ages. However, this situation brings some problems with it.

Graphics cards, which already had stock problems, became impossible to find with the increase of digital miners. Who want to solve this problem Nvidia, decided to limit the mining capacity of the new generation cards. But the latest news Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti revealed that the model would be an exception.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti will not have hash limitations

3000 want to solve stock problems in the series Nvidia, He announced that they will introduce a special series for miners and cards for players will come with some limitations. Shortly before this statement RTX 3060 Ti By introducing its model, the company kept its promise and restricted the card’s digital mining capabilities. Other You series cards are expected to follow a similar policy. ABD’li The technology giant surprised everyone with its latest move.

RTX 3080

A cryptocurrency mining system

VideoCardzA leak carried out by the highly anticipated graphics card revealed some of the features. GA102-225 model numbered RTX 3080 Ti, allegedly 10240 MIRACLES will have the core and 12GB LPDDR6X RAM will come with. While the features of the card were exciting, another detail caught the main attention.

New generation graphics card according to the leak, RTX 3060 Ti Unlike its model, it does not contain any measures to restrict virtual miners. The card, which does not have a hash limitation, can be easily used for crypto money mining without any intervention.

Cryptocurrency miners will blow up

The updated card also provides a tremendous performance boost over its predecessor. For comparison, the previous model RTX 3080, just 97 Mh/s hash while this ratio is You in version 118.9 Mh / sIt goes up to. These values, which make virtual miners watery, guarantee that the card is depleted the moment it enters the stock. Finally, it is worth noting that this information is a leak. Confirming the future of the card, Nvidia has not yet made a statement on features and mining.

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