4 August 2021
Russia to leave ISS for its own space station

Russia to leave ISS for its own space station

Russia to go to its own space station International Space StationHe’s thinking of leaving (ISS). RoscosmosCan leave the station by 2025. The Space Station (ISS) has been around the world for over two decades. astronauts for joint research vessel serves as. In addition, science experiments on permanently manned spacecraft are seen as an integral part of future discoveries.

The station is thought to be the basis for breakthroughs in the world. More than just a research lab ISS Program, spacecraft Canada, Europe and Japan partners operating with Russia and ABD for The Cold War The post was hailed as a diplomatic victory.

Geopolitical reasons pose a threat

Now is geopolitics reasons threaten to risk this business. AFPaccording to RussiaDiscussing the withdrawal to leave the ISS Program, 2025is considering launching his own orbital space station in. Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin According to a statement shared on Telegram by space agency It is reported that the station started working on the first kernel module.

Moscow, negotiations ISS He says it’s based on his age. However, it is stated that it is difficult to ignore the impact of recent events on the field. Roscosmos, AFP“When we make a decision, 2024“We will start negotiations on forms and conditions of cooperation beyond.”

SpaceX after performing its first operational mission in the orbital lab for NASA RussiaLost control access to the ISP last year. Vladimir PutinOf the USA Space Force the decision to establish, White HouseHe also warned that he had suggested that he was planning to “organize a military theater and operations there” in space.

Also, the imprisoned opposition leader of Russia of the Biden administration Alexei Navalnyhis criticism of and UkraineGrowing fears about a military conflict in Turkey further disrupted relations between the two sides.

It should be noted that Russia also has a history of field laboratories. Russia also before For 15 years which is a modular space station in orbit Meand reportedly was working with China at a research station planned on the Moon.

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