23 July 2021
Sad news for the Cortana app from Microsoft

Sad news for the Cortana app from Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoft, From Android and iOS app stores Cortana removed the service. The popular virtual assistant service of a period announced that it has ended its support for mobile applications. Now the service will continue in another way.

First appeared in 2014 Cortana It was not a product like the company had dreamed of. In 2019, Microsoft started reducing the prevalence of the assistant app. It has also transformed Cortana from an assistant to very different software integrations. Two years ago Xbox One, Skype and Windows 10software removed from the search bar, in January in some countries mobile app He had broken with his stores. But now, globally, the service has pulled mobile support.

Cortana app continues on Windows 10

Google Play Store and Apple App Store separating ways with Cortana app now only Windows 10 It will serve over computers running operating systems. Microsoft It didn’t give a while for this yet, but users still began to think that support might end soon as well.

With its simple and practical features in Windows 10, it still attracts the attention of users. Cortana Developers made a good sync for. However, the application could not do anything extra except to fulfill its basic functions in the mobile market. Big competitors in the market Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant bowed down to services such as.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana app pulled from mobile devices.

Microsoft CEO’s Satya Nadellasaid that the company has renewed its route on Cortana. Now that the voice assistant service Alexa or Siri Saying that it will not be a competitor for the software, Nadella Office 365 He expressed that it will be optimized as an auxiliary tool for their applications.

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