21 April 2021
Sad news for Watch Dogs: Legion online mode

Sad news for Watch Dogs: Legion online mode

Ubisoft had heralded the online mode of the new Watch Dogs game in recent months. Watch Dogs: Legion via the official Twitter account online mode A new statement was shared about.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode has been postponed

Ubisoft has announced that it will release a new feature for Watch Dogs: Legoin, also called multiplayer mode. The company stated that the new update, which is expected to be released on March 9, was delayed due to some problems.

Watch Dogs: Legion online mode has been delayed

Watch Dogs: Legion online mode has been delayed

Indicating incompatibility with some graphics cards in the PC version of the game Ubisoftannounced that online mode was delayed indefinitely. In the online mode of the game four-person teams, will fight in the open world map.

Players are in Spiderbot Arena when the online mode is released eight-man short deathmatch You can also participate in PvP events called.

Ubisoft for game consoles 9 Mart’ta He indicated that the online mode will be broadcast. Stating that there were some problems with Tactical Ops, the company said, “Until March 23, due to the problem we encountered during the game. PlayStation, Xbox ve Stadia’da Tactical Ops feature will not be activated. ”Used expressions.

Stating that the messaging system for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users will also be improved until March 23, the company underlined that it continues to work on the online mode.

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