30 July 2021
Samsung crosses borders: 3-screen phone coming

Samsung crosses borders: 3-screen phone coming

One of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to foldable devices Samsung’un It turned out to be working on new foldable devices.

The triple-folding tablet in the past days Galaxy Z Fold Tab’i While it was leaked that it was working on; This time it has a triple-folding phone and fast charging support. S-Pen is calm turned out to be patented.

Samsung received two new patents

LetsGoDigitalAccording to the information provided by Samsung, a foldable electronic device containing a pen and consisting of three screens Works on a double foldable phone.

Of your phone with three screens Looking at the design, when the left and right screens of the phones are folded, there is a small space at the top of the middle screen to easily turn the device on and off. also Samsung It also explores the possibility of having both outward and inward fold designs.


3 screen Samsung device

Another patented product is for the foldable phone. many seconds the S-Pen. The pen will fit into a small recess between the flip-up screen. Also, the patent provides wireless charging of the pen as soon as the S-Pen sits high speed charging modeIt also shows how it got into. When the phone is not fully folded and S-Pen When it’s still plugged in, the pen goes into standard charging mode.


Magnetic pen and camera design

Apart from these two patents, to be able to use the cameras when the phone is folded double hole screen It is stated that the design will be started. Considering the possibility of folding the phone both to the front and back; It raises questions about how to use it.

While the device has an in-screen fingerprint sensor, again under the screen; expected to be placed piezoelectric speaker It is said to take place.

What do you think about these designs? For both front and back folding and camera double holes how to open in terms of use? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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