21 April 2021
Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 introduced: price and features

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 introduced: price and features

Samsung Electronics The new smartphone made for harsh environments and stands out with its durability Galaxy XCover 5 launched the model. The device, which provides full protection against water and dust, has been designed to suit many conditions, from field workers to factory workers.

This durable phone, prepared in an efficiency-oriented manner for field and factory-oriented businesses, As it can adapt to any environment It also manages not to be affected by seasonal problems. It is stated that the model, which is designed to make daily working life easier, regardless of rain, snow and mud, was developed by taking into account the demands of the workers.

Galaxy Xcover 5 stands out with its durability

5.3-inch small LCD screen Galaxy Xcover 5, which has a stylish design, was developed to come to the rescue of demanding professional groups. Thanks to its high-level shock absorbers After falling from a height of 1.5 meters even a smartphone that can bounce back without leaving any damage, More than 30 minutes under 1 meter of water continues to work. The device that adapts to wearing gloves due to health and safety concerns of field workers; by overcoming this problem Glove Touch feature it automatically increases the sensitivity of the touch.

Quickly adapting to almost every business condition Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5to protect confidential business information in real time and remove malware Samsung Knox supported by the system. Push-to-talk feature thanks to the phone instantly Microsoft Teams Integrated with the application, it is a kind of radio continues to work with its function.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Samsung Knox Capture thanks to its feature 16 megapixel rear cameraone-click enterprise-level to barcode scanner transforms. Exynos 850 While the device supported by the chipset does not lose its efficiency in terms of performance; device users 4GB RAM capacity and 64GB internal storage provides. Ideally durable and replaceable 3,000 mAh pill The model that has the power is also USB and Pogo offers fast charging through.

12 Mart Price of Galaxy Xcover 5 to go on sale in the UK on 330 euro has been explained as. These figures are approximate according to the current exchange rate, excluding taxes. 2.950 TL It corresponds to a number like. Towards the end of the month Europe, Asia and Latin AmericaWhile it is said that it will enter certain countries in; device TurkeyIt is not yet known whether it will come to the shelves in.

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