23 July 2021
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 is on the agenda with double battery

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 is on the agenda with double battery

Samsung’un foldable phones last year Galaxy Z Flip ve Z Fold The announcement of its models was one of the moves that made a big impact in the technology world. Expected to be released next year after the passage of time Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 An interesting claim was made about it. According to a source, it is stated that the phone will have a double battery.

In the list where the model numbers were published, many more features of the phone appeared, except for the double battery. The phone, which also reveals display and storage options, double battery It can be the first among the foldable models. However, it is worth noting that all of these are assumptions on shared images.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 features

Leak on the next foldable phone of the Samsung Z series, Safety KoreaIt was revealed by the lists in. The list included images and specifications of two batteries bearing the model numbers EB-BF711ABY (2,370 mAh) and EB-BF712ABY (903mAh).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

The total battery capacity of the phone based on the leak 3.300 mAh it will be. This is the original of the new generation phone. Z Flip ve Z Flip 5G It shows that it has the same capacity as the battery. Based on this information, it is thought that Samsung will position the battery with a larger capacity under the device, while the smaller one will be located at the top.

Z Flip SM-F711 the phone with the model number, according to the leak 120Hz AMOELD will have the screen. In addition, it is expected that the device will be released with a narrower frame.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

If the phone is on the storage side 128 GB and 256 GB It is expected to have options. In addition, a number of changes are expected by the chipset and camera.

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