30 July 2021
Samsung Glasses Lite and AR Glasses revealed

Samsung Glasses Lite and AR Glasses revealed

Augmented reality technology continues to spread day by day, after Apple, Huawei and Microsoft Samsung‘one yes wearable devices he is working on appeared.

The WalkingCat Twitter account, previously known for leaking information on Microsoft and Samsung products, shared two new videos Samsung Glasses Lite and AR Glasses revealed its models.

Samsung Glasses Lite and AR Glasses are here

WalkingCat In the first video shared by his account Samsung Glasses Lite we see the name. It can be said that the frames are much thicker in these glasses, but look good in type. Another feature visible from the angle of the video is that it has a transparent screen embedded in the lens.

In the video, which includes sections from general use with the glasses, features such as playing games with a Samsung smartphone, making video calls, using the glasses in portable computer mode with the Samsung Dex stand out.

When you go out with glasses, it is also seen that he switches to Sunglasses Mode to hide the AR screen and color the shadows. With this feature, you can continue to control a drone thanks to the New Dimension Screen feature of the glasses.

It’s unclear what screen technology Samsung has taken advantage of for these glasses, but the fact that the AR screen is almost full-frame and the top edges of the lenses are darkened to hide the connection points shows that it’s not just a concept.

In the second video shared, Samsung’s ‘Next Wearable Computing’ vision is explained. The video includes features such as a keyboard that can only be seen with glasses and used for typing, a wide field of view with zoom, 3D video call and converting a two-dimensional design to a room scale.

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