5 August 2021
Samsung launches new monitors

Samsung launches new monitors

Samsung Electronics, Covid-19 In order to ensure the best work from home norms in many countries due to the epidemic, this year high resolution monitor launched its series globally. Company, twelve different types of three series brought the monitor to its users.

Twelve different monitors consisting of three series

All models released From 1 billion excess color, 178 degree wide viewing angle and enhanced High Dynamic Range It offers (HDR10) technology. In addition, all monitors are the first in the industry to receive this approval. TÜV Rheinland given by ‘Smart Eye Care’ has the certificate. Also mEditors can optimize picture quality by automatically adjusting the brightness and color temperature according to room conditions.

The company said in a press release about the new Samsung monitors designed for both office and home use, “This year’s portfolio features realistic image quality and advanced ergonomic design. “The enhanced convenience of the monitors makes it the perfect complement to any workspace or home setup,” he said.

Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics, is about monitors. “As the demand for higher resolution monitors continues to grow, Samsung plans to continue to be the market leader by launching new products that meet the needs of our customers. Our 2021 High Definition range delivers stunning picture quality and powers enhanced performance. At the same time, it provides user comfort with its aerodynamic structure and an environmentally friendly design. found in the description.

Samsung’s new high resolution monitor

Flagship S8 series, 27 and 32 inches Comes with options and for users 99 percent sRGB color gamut With ultra high resolution offers. The monitor also USB-C types per second via port 10 gigabit provides data transmission.

S7 serisi, ultra slim stand draws attention with. Sherry, 178 degree wide view with angled panel and vibrant color gamut 27 and 32 inch in dimensions UHD offers resolution.

S6 series is only QHD (2.560 × 1.440) resolution but also PBP (Picture by Side) and PIP Supporting (Picture-in-Picture) features 34, 32, 27 and 24 inches It is offered to users in size. The series stands out with its structure designed to multitask effortlessly and efficiently.

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