6 August 2021
Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 announced!  Here are the features

Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 announced! Here are the features

Samsung released last year G9 Odyssey in the model 49-inch curved screen and double QHD This year, the Samsung G9 Odyssey 2021 has made a big upgrade to the player monitor with resolution.

Samsung’s giant-sized player monitor, not just about hardware design sense The 2021 version of the Odyssey G9 will have a white back panel and a Tron-like blue ring design.

Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 specs and price

Better contrast and brightness thanks to the mini-LED feature taken from television models G9 Odyssey users will be available. In the statement made by the technology giant Quantum mini-LEDOuantum announced that it will use the Matrix feature on this monitor for the first time.

When looking at the new 2 hardware features to be added 1000R curvature It is possible to say that you will have full control of the games and will not miss any important detail.


Odyssey G9, released last year, both AMD FreeSync him the Nvidia G-Sync It was supporting screen technology. It is among the rumors that the model to be released this year will maintain the standard in terms of compliance with the standard. In addition to Samsung Odyssey G9 Interactive Display FLIP 75 It also introduced a new screen that can be used as a digital board.

The size of this device, on which you can draw, write and edit, has been announced as 75 inches. FLIP 75 for enhanced visual quality 4K UHD will have a screen and can be used not only in schools but also in home, office, etc. He explained that it can also be used in places.

2021 Model G9 Odyssey Gaming Monitor:

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