6 August 2021
Samsung's 'mysterious device' seen in the Microsoft Store

Samsung’s ‘mysterious device’ seen in the Microsoft Store

Samsung, Windows 10 published an application for sending SMS from the computer. The application, which can be downloaded from Microsoft Store, allows users to send messages from their computers without their smart phones. According to the statements, the application only supports Windows 10 devices manufactured by Samsung. LTE and 5G works smoothly with. The company has included a product that it has not announced in the list of devices that support the application.

Application that sends SMS without a mobile phone

Samsung’s Messaging app is currently only limited to the devices listed below:

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE

Galaxy Book 12 LTE

Galaxy Book2

Send sms from computer to windows 10

Samsung’s application to send SMS from the computer …

Samsung’s new product also appeared on the list

Samsung is one of the devices that support the app. NT930CQA He also mentioned the product with model number, but did not specify the exact name of this product. Of Windows Central According to the news, this mysterious device is probably Samsung’s Windows 10 tablet Galaxy Flex2 5G.

If you have a compatible Samsung computer or tablet running Windows 10, Samsung Messaging You can download the application to your device immediately and start using it.

What is the difference of this application?

There are dozens of applications that allow us to message on our computer. For example Microsoft developed “Your phone” Thanks to the application, we can connect our phone to our Windows 10 computer and sending a message from the computer We can perform the process within seconds.

Likewise Google’s iMessage rival RCS service There is also, we can increase examples like this. However, applications that provide messaging services from the computer usually operate in a way dependent on our smartphones. So if the phone is not on, you cannot send or receive messages from your computer.

The Messaging application developed by Samsung eliminates this obligation. Since the application directly uses the mobile data connection of the computer / tablet on which it is located, it offers the opportunity to send and receive SMS from the computer without the need for our smart phone. In this sense, we can say that the Samsung messaging application is a click more advantageous.

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