30 July 2021
Samsung's old watches get new features

Samsung’s old watches get new features

With the updates published by Samsung in certain periods, some features to older models brings. The technology giant that took a similar step for its smart watches is preparing a new update for the Galaxy Watch and Watch Active models.

With this update, the service life of Samsung watches will be slightly longer and will draw a more user-friendly image. We have compiled the features that will come with the update for you.

New update for Galaxy Watch and Watch Active

Samsung’s update, which will be useful for older models, allows you to view the images of incoming messages in applications such as WhatsApp directly on the watches.

In this way, you can access images through your watch without removing your phone. An update that will comprehensively provide access to innovations in the field of fitness, Via bluetooth It will offer an audio guide.

It will be ready for use when you need it while training. so you can hear how far you have traveled and what your heart rate is during a run, walk, bike or other workout.

If you need it, there is now a screenshot mode on wearable devices. In addition, Samsung has added a number of stability, environment and performance improvements to the Tizen software.

The update is 292 MB in size and aims to improve the Samsung Galaxy Watch released in August 2018 and Galaxy Watch Active released in March 2019.

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