4 August 2021
Samsung's surprising 3D ToF sensor claim

Samsung’s surprising 3D ToF sensor claim

On any phone today 3D ToF sensor It is quite possible to encounter with. This camera technology helps to measure the depth of the frame and calculate the augmented reality effects more accurately. But South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung is now completely parting with these sensors.

According to the latest claims Samsung soon 3D ToF sensors will completely unfocus. The company, which has developed quick formulas on what works and what does not, gives great importance to feedback in camera systems. Based on the reactions it receives from its users, the company said, “does not provide clear advantagesGave up this technology because of ”.

Galaxy S22 won’t offer 3D ToF sensor

According to the claims of ET News Samsung expected Galaxy S22 It will completely bypass 3D ToF sensors in the phone family. The source also touched on why the company made this decision. The response of consumers to phone cameras that do not have this sensor is “that bad“He stated that they determined that there is not.

3D ToF sensor

Photos are representative.

iPhone 12 serisi started to appear on Apple devices with 3D ToF sensorWas chosen by the US-based company to develop augmented reality features. This sensor was once a must-have feature of Samsung’s flagship phones. But the S20 autofocus After criticism of its performance, the company used this sensor in Note 20. with laser AF system decided to change it.

But what do you think of Samsung’s claims to sharply parse paths with this sensor? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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