23 July 2021
Shock detail in the leak: Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Shock detail in the leak: Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Facebook, recently came up with one of the biggest data leaks in history. The data of 533 million users in the social media application fell into the hands of hackers and the stolen data went up for sale on the internet. According to the information revealed, among the victims of the leak, the founder of the company and CEO‘its Mark Zuckerberg there are also.

After the famous billionaire’s information leaked, an interesting detail drew attention. Social media giant Facebook‘a CEO’s Zuckerberg, as a messaging app Signal uses.

Mark Zuckerberg chooses Signal

CEOLeaked information includes various personal information such as address, phone number and date of birth. This information, which is very critical, opens the way for other details. for example ZuckerbergAn analyst found an interesting detail when he accessed and recorded his phone number. Mark Zuckerberg, The messaging app that stands out for being particularly secure Signal’i is using it.


Right now Facebook is a CEO‘water one ZuckerbergUsing this app is quite surprising. Because Facebook, the world’s most popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Messengerowner of. This is mind-blowing, doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg trust his own practices? brought the question.

Facebook, recently especially WhatsApp had come up with. The popular messaging application managed to disturb the users with the new user agreement. Following this emerging information, criticism against the company is expected to increase. What kind of explanation the social media giant will make on the subject is a matter of curiosity.

Incident Twitter mocking over Signal, ” On May 15 WhatsApp user agreement becomes mandatory. Mark took the first step to set an example for people. ” made the explanation.

Why is Signal preferred?

We’ve heard the name frequently lately Signal, one particular issue stands out. Developed by a non-profit foundation, the application promises its users a more secure experience thanks to end-to-end encryption. This situation is WhatsApp and Messengerleaving SignalIt causes him to lean towards. The messaging application is experiencing its golden days, especially after the WhatsApp user agreement was on the agenda in 2021 and was recommended by Elon Musk. Signal, Google Play Storeranks second in the messaging apps category.

What about your Facebook CEO’s What are your thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg? CEO’nun messaging app Signal’i Do not forget to share with us your opinions about using it.

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