21 April 2021
Shock development 'again' experienced for Samsung Galaxy A52

Shock development ‘again’ experienced for Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung, Galaxy A52’yi 17 Martannounced that he will introduce it in. However, the device, which was not announced by the brand, went on sale last week. Subsequently, the 4G version of the phone shared the same fate. 4G supported in online stores Samsung Galaxy A52 went on sale.

Thus, almost every detail about the phone was revealed. Galaxy A52 features and price Clear declaration came to light.

Untold Galaxy A52 is on sale again

Many details have become clear for the 4G version of the Galaxy A52, which went on sale days before its official launch. A52, With 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display will appear before the consumer. Screen at the same time To 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution quality and it will have a fingerprint reader. If this screen is Gorilla Glass technology will protect.

Galaxy A52 features and price

4G supported Among the features of the Samsung Galaxy A52, we see Qualcomm on the hardware side. Snapdragon 720G device powered by its processor, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage will come with the field. In addition, for users who do not want to be content with this memory capacity MicroSD expandable up to 1TB card entry is also on the phone.

On the other hand, your phone 5G In the option; Snapdragon 750G It will have a processor and have a capacity of 8 GB of RAM instead of 6 GB.

In addition, both models of the A52 will take place on the shelves with Android 11-based OneUI 3.0.

Galaxy A52 price

Going for sale in Kenya online store 4G supported device; about 270 euro offered to consumers at a price. Galaxy A52 5G If the model 365 euro with 450 euro with prices ranging from.

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