4 August 2021
Shock penalty from the Competition Authority to Google: 296 million TL

Shock penalty from the Competition Authority to Google: 296 million TL

The decision was made in the investigation of the Competition Authority against Google, which was accused of putting itself forward in search and tourism queries. Accordingly, the institution imposed 296 million administrative fines on Google Advertising and Marketing, Google International, Google LLC, Google Ireland and Alphabet.

The discussion topic that Google put its services in front of other companies serving in these areas in search and accommodation price inquiries was concluded by the Competition Board.

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As you may remember, Google lawyers made an oral defense against these allegations at the end of March. The company’s lawyers are Google Reklamcılık ve Pazarlama Ltd Şti, Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and Alphabet Inc. his lawyers claimed the company did not distort competition.

competition board the best in the world

The Competition Authority, on the other hand, claimed that Google’s competitors in the local search services market made their activities difficult. Accordingly, the Competition Authority made its decision as a result of the elapsed time and punished the search engine giant.

How do you evaluate the penalty given by the Competition Authority to Google? Do you think the search giant pays this amount? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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