18 April 2021
Shock to Google: Will be prosecuted for stalking in incognito mode

Shock to Google: Will be prosecuted for stalking in incognito mode

Google, “Incognito Mode” will face a lawsuit due to the follow-up. Your company, It is claimed that the mod does not explain enough what it includes. BloombergAccording to the reports of the Judge Lucy KohDid not approve Google’s request to dismiss the class action.

Koh, Google’s, Incognitoinform users that while privacy mode is active, it is still collecting data. “Not reporting” determined and provided sufficient ground for the plaintiffs to move forward in their cases.

‘Incognito Mode’ doesn’t mean invisible

Leading participants in the case accused Google of misleading users and told them that their information and habits were touted as confidential, despite being tracked.

Search giant, users privacy policy He claimed that he had accepted and therefore knew that Google was collecting data. In the report, your Incognito mode “invisible” It was reported that it did not mean, and warned the sites could still see the activity.

Of course, it is not clear whether the case will be successful or not. Successful class actions often lead to payments that represent some of the damage done to customers. Stealth modeoffers a service to keep sites free from your local search history and cookies so as not to block potentially identifying traffic.

Nevertheless, the general public IncognitoIt is not clear that he is aware of his real behavior. The lawsuit can force Google to tell users more clearly what it has collected and what it has not collected. The complaint also serves as a criticism of companies that are hiding information important to the service.

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