18 April 2021
Shocking Twitter move from Russia: Bandwidth narrowed

Shocking Twitter move from Russia: Bandwidth narrowed

Russia, ‘illegal content’ decided to slow Twitter down for not removing it. The country’s communications regulator threatens to block the website completely.

Twitter users in Russia will need to be patient when they visit the website. Communication Authority of the Country Roskomnadzorannounced that Twitter slowed down its speed on the grounds that it did not remove illegal content and materials containing prohibited information.

Russia threatens to ban Twitter

Decision, Russia’s critic of Vladimir Putin Alexei Navalny‘s punishment came shortly after he sued Twitter, Google, Facebook and other websites for allegedly not deleting posts urging children to participate in illegal protests. But RoskomnadzorThese posts were not included in the announcement of.

The decision cited inappropriate videos and Tweets containing drug use, as well as posts that incited minors to commit suicide. The editor has posted to Twitter for removal of illegal content since 2017. 28.000has sent more than requests and contains prohibited information 3.168 stated that the material still remains on the platform.

Editor also sThe minors of the social media company 3 MartHe emphasized his Tweets urging him to commit mass suicide.

Roskomnadzor said on Twitter that the decision to reduce bandwidth was to protect Russian citizens and force the website to comply with the country’s legislation. Twitter slowdown will be implemented on all mobile devices and 50 percent of non-mobile devices including PCs. Also regulator, “To ignore the requirements of the law” threatened to block Twitter completely in the country if it continues.

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