6 August 2021
Signatures have been taken: new investment from Amazon to Turkey

Signatures have been taken: new investment from Amazon to Turkey

One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies AmazonIt is expanding its operations in Turkey market. Amazon, Gebzewill establish an operations center in. For the establishment of the facility, the company CEVA logistics agreed with.

worldAccording to the news from Selenay Oiler, Turkey entered the market 3 years ago Amazondecided to expand its operations in our country with the volume of online shopping that increased with the pandemic period. For the establishment of an operation center in Gebze, the company Something Logistics made an agreement with.

Ceva Logistics at the facility to be established in Amazon Gebze, responsible for storage, stock management and distribution of products it will be. Facility in the first place 1600 will employ the person. In the future, your number 3 buildings expected to find.

Amazon Turkey is establishing operations center

Amazon, one year after arriving in Turkey he had offered the cargo services to the seller. Products on behalf of the seller by storing, packing and shipping interested. a public service that works with sellers in Turkey, saves a significant annoyance dealers in Turkey Amazon site. Fast delivery to provide the service İstanbulIt is said that he will make an investment in. Last year, Amazon provided a free and fast delivery service ‘Prime‘It had been active users of the service in Turkey. With service free and fast shipping, watching movies and series services began to be offered in Turkey


Amazon will set up an operations center in Gebze.

Ceva Logistics, with which Amazon has an agreement, provides shipping and supply chain solutions for large or medium-sized companies. Of the company 160in your love country 78 bin has employees. In Turkey Trendyol continues to work with leading companies in online shopping such as. CEVA logistics officials announced that they have started the recruitment process for the facility to be established in Gebze.

The food and beverage category was opened in Turkey Amazon

A few days ago Amazon Turkey, food and beverage category put into action. in the food and beverage category in Turkey baktagiller, canned food, snacks, pasta, and soft drinks it will include.

Amazon Turkey General Manager Richard Marriott He made the following statement on the subject:

Amazon.com.trWe have been working non-stop to meet the needs of our customers since we opened. Accordingly, I am happy to announce that we have added our ‘Food and Beverage’ category to our product selection. ‘

Well, what do you think about these investments of Amazon, we are waiting for your opinions.

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