4 August 2021
Signed with Sony Netflix!  Movies will come to the platform

Signed with Sony Netflix! Movies will come to the platform

Sony Pictures, Netflix signed a new agreement with. According to the agreement Sony, 2022 with 2026 after his films that were released in theaters between Netflix will publish on the platform.

Netflix will stream the latest Sony movies on its platform

The company, which is currently a partnership for anime, takes this partnership one step further. Netflix According to the agreement with Sony’s Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems and TriStar Pictures All of the projects in the studios between 2022 and 2026 Netflix’te will also be released.


An announcement from the Twitter account regarding the deal in question sharing Netflix, “2022’den from Sony Pictures new home of your movies Netflix it will be. Uncharted, Morbius, Bullet Train, Where The Crawdads Singbesides Venom, Jumanji, Bad Boys ve Spider Man: Into The Spider-VerseBe prepared for future sequels of ”.

Speaking on the topic Sony Pictures’ın manager Keith Le Goy “This exciting deal demonstrates once again the importance of content for our distribution partners while growing target audiences and delivering the best in entertainment,” he said in a statement.

Before that Disney, 2016’yla 2019 between years Netflix’le He had a $ 300 million deal. The company with this agreement Warner Bros. movies directly Disney Plus and HBO Max It also received money to send it to broadcast services. If Netflix is ​​these days Illumination for the series HBO Max deal with Of NBCUniversal your movies Peacock’a He’s working on a similar change that will transfer.

New deal Netflix’e It will allow you to browse the Sony-made movies that it wants to add directly to the system. But Netflix, If it undertakes to purchase an unspecified minimum number of films, it will acquire this right. In addition, the streaming platform will be licensed to use older movies from Sony’s library.

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