30 July 2021
Silver Sparrow malware threatens 30 thousand Macs

Silver Sparrow malware threatens 30 thousand Macs

Malwarebytes, VMWare Carbon Black and Red Canary’nin security researchers, about 30 bin Mac discovered a malicious software lurking on his computer. This malware called Silver Sparrow, Apple’s new M1 It is stated that it can work even on systems with a chip.

Can also cause problems on Silver Sparrow M1 systems

About 30 bin this malware silently infecting the system Red Canary, Malwarebytes and VMWare Carbon Black It was revealed as a result of the joint analysis of researchers. Red Canary’den Tony Lambert’in he made to explain by Silver Sparrow, From February 17th In 153 countries tam 29 bin 139 macOS integrated into the computer using the operating system.


Although information remains incomplete about how malware spreads and how it infects users Silver Sparrow malicious ads, pirated applications and fake Flash updaters There are claims that are hidden in it. The main problem is that researchers have not yet understood what purpose this software serves. Because, in the investigations, it was not determined that the software was used to cause any damage.

In addition to malware, Apple’s in are M1 working in architecture macOS It is also wondering how much it will affect their systems. M1 the second malware discovered to run on their architecture Silver Sparrow, Apple It showed how important the threat is in terms of.

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