29 July 2021
Single chance assassination missions come to Hitman 3

Single chance assassination missions come to Hitman 3

IO Interactive‘s well-known Elusive Target missions are finally released for Hitman 3. The game’s first single chance mission The CollectorIt can be played by gamers until April 19.

Earlier Elusive Target as in their duties, obsessively and dogs to art curator You only have one chance to assassinate. If the task isn’t successful, you won’t be able to meet the curator forever again.

Tough goals are back in the series

Elusive Target It is recommended that you gain a lot of experience and try out the risk tactics before entering the missions.

A second goal in the missions Politician information about 23rd April with May 3 It will be announced between dates. also Free Starter Pack Note that you will have the option to play this mission without investing in the full game.

IO Interactive for Hitman 3 in response to feedback Elusive Target He had promised fine adjustments to his formula. However, it is stated that the basic premise and time limitation have not changed. It is stated that this is a popular and important mechanic for the Hitman series.

Basic tasks of single chance assassination missions to players After finishing it, it is predicted that it will offer a new level of excitement. Plenty of suspense and action-packed missions make players Hitman 3 It’s a good option to re-experience the series.

What do you think about the one-shot assassination missions in the Hitman 3 series? Have you played these missions in previous series? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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