30 July 2021
Skytech TV review with Nalet Bebe

Skytech TV review with Nalet Bebe

Domestic technology brand Skytech, Antalyaorganized an event in which he exhibited his products. Founder of ShiftDelete.Net invited to the organization Hakki Alkanvisited the area created by the brand. At the same time, Alkan, Baby raid with Skytech TV review made.

On the other hand, after visiting the event area with Nalet Bebe, Alkan Ugur Unsal, General Manager of Skytech he spoke with.

We visited the Skytech event: Skytech TV review with Nalet Bebe

Wide product range Skytech’s televisions also stand out. Especially of the brand LG he did with cooperation with WebOS It is noteworthy that he uses the operating system. Hakkı Alkan and Nalet Bebe took a closer look at the televisions of the company with pleasant conversation.

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With Nalet Bebe Skytech TV review Apart from that, we also looked at the brand’s other products. From vacuum cleaner to coffee machine; We took a look at the various devices of the company, from tablets to kitchen appliances.

Skytech brand, its products İstanbulIt produces in. On the other hand, the firm is only Turkey not to the market but abroad In many countries comes before the consumer. The company has recently, WebOS and Android It draws attention with its televisions with operating systems.

On the other hand, Skytech produces the main boards of its televisions itself. Brand official Ugur Unsal, your production 60 percent with domestic facilitiesstates that 40 percent are realized with business partners abroad. Ünsal announced that their share in production will increase further in the future.

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