21 April 2021
Smart bracelet that will make kids love sports: Fitbit Ace 3

Smart bracelet that will make kids love sports: Fitbit Ace 3

Googlefor $ 2 billion in recent months buy The wearable tech giant that he bought Fitbit, target audience children the one Fitbit Ace 3 announced his smart bracelet. For children over 6 years old designed The smart bracelet, by its design, is exactly for children.

The smart bracelet, which aims to help children acquire healthy habits and increase their physical activities, aims to go beyond the ordinary with its features for children such as a customizable interface and animated dials.

Parents will be able to track children’s activities with Fitbit Ace 3

As with other smart wristbands Fitbit Ace 3will be able to track activities in many areas. With the Fitbit application, parents will have the opportunity to track how many hours their children slept and how many steps they took during the day.

Smart bracelet for kids age-appropriate fitness and sleep goals It will remind parents with various notifications. In addition, the targeted activity times on Fitbit Ace 3 are daily according to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA. en 1 Saat movement and 10,000 steps was set to.

The smart bracelet is suitable for children in terms of its design and features.

Fitbit Ace 3, 8-day battery life offers. Same time waterproof smart bracelet, compared to other models 20 percent brighter will have a screen.

The smart bracelet, as of today to pre-order opened. Ace 3, which is expected to come to our country in the coming weeks, $ 79.95 with price tag 15 Mart will be available all over the world on the day.

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