14 April 2021
Smart bulb that passes Xiaomi to 65 TL!

Smart bulb that passes Xiaomi to 65 TL!

Polosmart Wireless smart bulb We are here with the review video. Smart bulb manufactured by Polosmart, remote control as well as color, color temperature, brightness and time adjustment. many settings offers us. Let’s see if it’s completely managed on a smartphone. Polosmart Wireless smart bulb What are its features?

65 TL Polosmart Wireless smart bulb review that passed Xiaomi

The Polosmart Wireless smart bulb provides users with a great ease of access thanks to its wireless management. You can manage via your smartphone smart bulb, It connects to your phone via Wi-Fi without requiring any additional apparatus. At home with your phone the bulb you can also manage outside; It comes up with many options such as color, time and daylight adjustment. If you wish, let’s not extend the word further and leave you with the review video.

Supporting dual connection with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the smart bulb offers 600 lumens of brightness. You can fine-tune various colors, especially daylight, with RGB / 3000K / 5700K color type and temperature range.

Polosmart smart light bulb, which can adjust light intensity, automatic on-off, remote control and automatic synchronization with music, is a product that can be appreciated by those who want to add color to their home.

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