4 August 2021
Smoking triggers heart attack risk in Ramadan

Smoking triggers heart attack risk in Ramadan

In the whole world coronavirus While the struggle with the fight continues at full speed, Ministry of Health made a statement about smoking today. Ministry, cigaret use of risk of contracting coronavirus announced that it increased. Explaining that smoking causes serious health problems especially during Ramadan, the Ministry smoking cessation call made.

In our country where “partial closure” is applied after the number of cases peaked again, there are more than 60 thousand cases per day. Mentioning this issue in its statement, the Ministry of Health, especially after iftar, smoked consecutively. celebral hemorrhage and risk of heart attack announced that it increased.

Smoking raises the possibility of a heart attack in Ramadan.


The Ministry, especially in Ramadan, serious dangers stated that it led. Especially after iftar cigarettes smoked in a rowincreases the risk of heart attack. In a written statement made by the Ministry, “Smoking, in Ramadan can cause extremely serious health problems. After all-day smoking, Smoking in a row after iftar or with the use of another tobacco product, sudden increases occur in the level of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood. With the effect of this narrowing of the veins occurs and of enough oxygen to organs it becomes difficult to move. As a result of this increased blood pressure, brain hemorrhage, and risk of stroke is increasing. In addition, sudden nicotine increase, to palpitations causes and risk of heart attack increasing. ” said.

The Ministry of Health stated that the month of Ramadan increases the will of the person and is the right time to quit smoking. The Ministry, drawing attention to the harm of tobacco products, ALO 171 Smoking Cessation Hotlinein the month of ramadan 7/24 announced that he was serving. In the statement made by the Ministry, “The hotline will facilitate the smoking cessation process. cognitive-behavioral while providing support for treatments, our physicians in smoking cessation outpatient clinics to appropriate patients. medication can also be started. The drugs used in smoking cessation treatment are offered to our citizens free of charge. From the moment of quitting tobacco use health risks are reduced and a positive change in the body starting. For this reason, our citizens who use cigarettes and other tobacco products Taking the month of Ramadan as an opportunity With the support of the Ministry of Health invitation to quit smoking we do.” used the expressions.

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