1 August 2021
Snapchat Remix will rival TikTok

Snapchat Remix will rival TikTok

Popular social media application Snapchat, users own Snaps enabling them to respond to snapshots by recording and Remix his new feature test does. TikTok Duet similar feature, Snapchat It will also allow its users to reorganize their friends.

Snapchat will try to keep up with its rivals with Remix

Snapchat, It aims to enable users to make their stories even more creative with its new feature. Currently beta tested feature, alex139a by an application researcher named Twitter ‘and shared. Accordingly, users will create stories and tag their friends to see how creative the stories they create are.


On the other hand, the feature is just like TikTok Duets Like its users, Snapchat Posting stories to its users, with friends Remix It will give permission to make and share. Also users Remix will be able to use side-by-side, top, bottom, or picture-in-picture mode to record their videos.

TechCrunch your feature Spotlight While expressing that they can reach other parts of the application, including alex139a According to the user, the company has been Remix’e Instagram for Reeld’deki trying to bring its features. In November last year TikTok with competition introduced to be able to Spotlight feature, It allows it to create photo or video content that can be shared with anyone using the social media platform.

Besides Snapchat, It recently launched a new feature that allows its content creators to announce their subscriber numbers if they wish. This feature allows users with a public profile or business to share the number of subscribers. While the feature is expected to be available worldwide in the near future, Snapchat, already supporting this feature TikTok and Instagram He also added music to his app to rival his likes. The application will allow users to choose from a preselected playlist. Also users Snaps it will have the opportunity to add music before or after making it.

Not yet tested Remix It is unknown when the feature will become a stable version and will be released.

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