1 August 2021
Snapchat's move to annoy Apple - ShiftDelete.Net

Snapchat’s move to annoy Apple – ShiftDelete.Net

Although it has lost its former popularity, it is one of the most used applications by US users. Snapchat, It came to the fore with a move that would annoy Apple. Snapchat Apple privacy policy It turned out that he was doing research to overcome it.

Snapchat looking for a way to circumvent Apple privacy rules

Applications that recently violated Apple’s user privacy update requests it turned out to be rejected. Applications using data processing platforms experienced problems due to privacy violations.

Snapchat looking for ways to circumvent Apple privacy rules

It recently released a new report on Snapchat. Stating that Snapchat is looking for ways to obtain personal data from users without their consent The Financial Times, announced that it will perform this process through third party applications.

Leaving Insider’s questions on the subject unanswered, Snapchat confirmed the report published by The Financial Times. However, he stated that with the new privacy rules, it will stop the system it uses.

Some sources TikTok’un announced that its developer, ByteDance, is also working on methods to circumvent Apple’s new privacy rules. Allegedly ByteDance, It is testing tools supported by the Chinese government to circumvent Apple’s privacy rules.

iOS 14.5 With, Apple will force apps to be more transparent to users. Although it is not known when the new version will be released yet WWDC21 It is thought to be introduced with.

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