19 April 2021
Snapdragon 775 features leaked!  Middle class ambitious

Snapdragon 775 features leaked! Middle class ambitious

Qualcomm’s produced Snapdragon 775 of your model features Some information emerged for. The processor developed for mid-segment phones is listed with remarkable features. Previously, the Snapdragon 765 and 765G models came to the middle upper segment models and stood out with 5G support.

There is 5 nm information in the information leaked for the new processor. This shows the point reached in mobile processors. With this value, higher performance is provided and savings are achieved in power consumption.

Snapdragon 775 features

In the new information seen in XDA Developers, the first information about the processor showed itself. For the Snapdragon 777, one of the models with a 5 nm value, the Kyro 6 series core information came to the fore. While LPDDR6 3200 MHz and LPDDR4X 2400 MHz RAM values ​​are among the features of the processor, UFS 3.1 support was also among the features of the processor.

Snapdragon 775 features When examined, 4K 60 FPS video recording for the camera, 28 Megapixel + 28 Megapixel + 28 Megapixel camera can work at the same time and 64 Megapixel + 20 Megapixel 30 FPS recording values ​​came to the fore. For the processor that supports Wi-Fi 6 connection, the possibility of using 802.11ax connection, LTE Cat 18 cell connection and dual 5G SIM has been written. A Xiaomi visual with the features written also showed itself.

Snapdragon 775 features

Some doubts also came to mind after the features were revealed. The image is thought to be a slide page from Qualcomm but is out of date. However, considering these features, the Snapdragon 765 seems to be a logical feature rise after you.

Information on features Xiaomi as named leak also Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite It was interpreted that this processor could be in the model. It is also among the claims that the model will be named as Snapdragon 775G.

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