18 April 2021
'Snapdragon 888 Lite' surprise from Qualcomm

‘Snapdragon 888 Lite’ surprise from Qualcomm

ARM-based mobile processors are getting harder to follow day by day. Especially Apple while keeping things simple on the side, Qualcomm and MediaTek continues to announce new models almost every week. According to allegations Qualcommhas rolled up its sleeves to introduce another processor. Company internal 5G modem free of Snapdragon 888 Lite working on it. This processor could pave the way for cheaper flagship smartphones


Snapdragon 888 lite is coming

The source of the allegations winfuture.de from the site Roland Quandt. Cheap flagship smartphones with tag one tweet beating Quandt, weaker and without built-in modems Snapdragon 888 suggested the future of the model. SM8325 processor with model number, possibly Snapdragon 888 Lite will be named. 4G The processor planned to be used in phones can indeed pave the way to cheaper flagship models. This is especially 5G infrastructure is not ready yet Turkey Very good news for countries like. https://twitter.com/rquandt/status/1368887813891104772?s=20

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888the company’s internal 5G appeared as the first phone with a modem. While this method provided convenience to smartphone manufacturers, especially in terms of space, it caused the price to increase due to the effect of the processor cost. However, this situation only created a disadvantage for countries that were not ready for 5G infrastructure, users had to pay extra for a feature they could not benefit from. This problem seems to be eliminated thanks to this processor.


For now Snapdragon 888 Lite No official announcement or date has been set for the model. However, the company recently announced Snapdragon 775 and 775G will organize an event for models in the coming days. The processor in question is expected to be introduced or announced at this event.

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