4 August 2021
Snowden NFT sold for jaw-dropping price

Snowden NFT sold for jaw-dropping price

Former National Security Agency known for revealing confidential documents (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee Edward Snowden, NFT caught up in the wind. Snowden, He made a self-portrait with the documents in the court order that allowed American intelligence to block wiretapping activities. Portrait NFT the computer scientist, Stay Free He put his work, which he named (stay free), for sale at a record price.

Donates its income to the Press Freedom Foundation

In 2013 NSA working for and discovering the eavesdropping program Edward snowden, became famous for leaking documents related to the program to the press. In the event that was later brought to the court, the court, ABD He made a decision that the laws were violated and prevented wiretapping activities. Finally, with the documents publishing this decision, Snowden, this work NFT’ye translated. Generated NFT, 2,224 Etherium‘a yani 5.4 million sold for dollars.


Explaining that they will not touch the income from sales Snowden, Stay Free, all the money from his work named, Press Freedom Foundationto donate. The foundation, headed by the famous IT specialist, is a non-profit organization that defends freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The former NSA employee accused of espionage is viewed by American officials as a fugitive. The informatist, who thinks that he will not be given a fair trial, leaves the country and lives in Moscow. According to the statement made by his lawyer, Russia Federation prepare to be a citizen Edward SnowdenFrom here it tries to combat illegal listening activities all over the world.

What information did the NSA get?

NSA leaking the views made by Snowden, It revealed that the traces left by individuals in electronic environment such as their political views, geographical locations, sexual preferences, identities, friendship and business relations can be easily followed. Snowden’a According to him, this information is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the allegations, by the informer The Guardian and The Washington Documents leaked to Post are only a small part of the scandal.

I personally have created special algorithms for tracking individuals and groups.Saying Edward Snowden, It claims that even your personal messages are read without permission. According to the computer scientist famous for their leaks, these problems have “simple” solutions. Information should be encrypted in a way that cannot be accessed from outside, and mass surveillance activities should be prohibited by the Constitution.

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