30 July 2021
Solarwinds CEO blames intern for weak password

Solarwinds CEO blames intern for weak password

SolarWinds, helping businesses manage their networks, systems and technology infrastructures ABD’li a company. The company, which has a very large customer network, has quite a lot of customers. Among these customers in particular ABD There are some institutions of the government. The company that almost nobody heard of until a while ago, 2020 finally made a name with a big scandal.

SolarWinds’in Taking advantage of a weakness, hackers have leaked the data of all companies and institutions within the network. Orion BT The problem arising from software named almost all Fortune 500 it affected their companies. Especially ABD very important information from the institutions of the government passed into the hands of the pirates. The statements made are behind the attack Rus it was that there were government-backed pirates.

Intern blamed for Solarwinds leak

Initiating an investigation into the incident ABD his government discovered interesting details. Especially the company’s CEO’sunun A group of senior executives, among them, testified in the delegation. It turns out that the vulnerability could be a password set on one of the servers. The password in question ” Solarwinds123″. It is unknown whether a weak password is the root cause of the leak. However, the question about the password is the old CEO’suna old when asked CEO Kevin Thampson, its “a trainee mistake” said that.


Defense mocked CEO, representative Katie Porter by “too much of my children YouTube to prevent him from watching iPad’ime I put a stronger password, ”he criticized. However, the old CEO, He did not explain why the system allows such a password. At the hearing, it is a matter of curiosity about the extent of the damage and who will be the criminals.

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