30 July 2021
Some information about Oppo Find X3 leaked

Some information about Oppo Find X3 leaked

Oppois expected to be introduced at the launch to be held in March. Find XNew leaks have emerged about the 3 series.

By a user named Prosster TwitterAccording to the information shared in the Chinese technology company, the new phone 11 Martwill announce in. Find X3, Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo ve Find X3 Lite The smartphone, which is claimed to consist of four different models, 14 AprilIt is stated that it will be released in the market.

Find X3 resembles iPhone 12

The new generation smartphones similar to the iPhone 12 series, AppleIt is thought to be inspired by the iconic products of. So greleased last year Oppo Watchwas rated as a clone of Apple Watch with its soft curved screen, removable silicone straps and even white packaging.

Oppo does not have any presence in the US, however Chinese The company is expressed as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Also in recent years Apple The technology brand, which has emerged as a threat to the iPhone, is thought to stand out with features such as notchless screens and under glass sensors that are not available on the iPhone.

New generation Oppo Ishan Agarwal, who made the leak on the smartphone’s image, made a comment about the device,

Now everyone will start iPhone replicas with comments but at least it looks different and cool. It looks absolutely stylish. I like companies trying something new and different instead of just copying Apple.

How do you evaluate the appearance of the Oppo Find X3?

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