29 July 2021
Sony is on top of smartphone image sensor

Sony is on top of smartphone image sensor

Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies According to his report, Sony smartphone image sensor market in 2020 46 percent took the first place with its share of income. Despite this, the company is experiencing a decline in its overall market share. Strategy AnalyticsIn the latest research of, the smartphone image sensor market 2020 in the year 13 percentby increasing 15 billion dollars had earned income.

Sales in the smartphone market last year compared to the previous year 8.8 percent there was a decline. Despite the decline in the smartphone market in 2020, the image sensor market continued to grow. While Sony manages to rank at the top of the smartphone image sensor market, it Samsung System LSI and OmniVision Technologies watched. According to the figures, the top three suppliers are almost 85 percent reached its share of revenue.

Sony owns half of image sensor market share

In the report, Samsung ranked second in the market 29 percent caught a share. OmniVision’s market share, which ranks third, is 10 per cent as announced. The rest 15 percent ′the share of other suppliers is composed of. HuaweiIt is expected that Sony’s market share will decrease during the year due to the sanctions above. It has been announced that Sony market dominance will be increasingly threatened by increased competition.

smartphone image sensor

Smartphone Image Sensor Revenue Share 2020

With the development of multiple cameras and superior photography capabilities in smartphones, Stephen Entwistle, Vice President of Strategic Technologies at Strategy Analytics the image sensor market will grow told.

Jeffrey Mathews, Strategy Analytics Senior Analyst, said, “In 2020, users and manufacturers aggressively excess number of sensors and high resolution sensors It was in demand. With this demand, the image sensor had little impact on the market from the pandemic era. Samsung OmniVision and SK HynixContinued to get a share from Sony, ”he said.

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