30 July 2021
Sony mistakenly announced a subscription service

Sony mistakenly announced a subscription service

According to the news of the VGC, Sony mistakenly announced a subscription service. PlayStation Poland site A web page published revealed Sony’s plan. Sony, PlayStation Plus Video Passhas managed to surprise many PS users by accidentally announcing it. Website activated for a short time today A service exclusively for PS Plus subscribers It has revealed some of its details.

PS users faced Video Pass while waiting for Game Pass alternative

PlayStation Plus Video Pass will be exclusive to PS Plus subscribers only. But PlayStation users Alternative to the Xbox Game Pass service was waiting for a service. The page accidentally posted today featured a logo of PS Plus Video Pass and a statement about the service. The statement also says “Playstation plus a new advantage offered to users for a limited timeā€¦ PS Plus Video Pass, 22.04.21’den 22.04.22’ye is an active trial service. The subscription advantage is available to PS Plus users in Poland. “

In the image shared by VGC, we can see a few productions in the PS Plus Video Pass. These productions appear as Venom, Zombieland Double Tap and Bloodshot. It is unclear whether this emerging service is available only to one region or to the whole world. Last month Sony, PlayStation Store at the end of this year, announced that it would stop the sales of TV and movie content. However, you will still be able to access TV and movie content you have bought before. The biggest reason Sony has taken such an initiative is, Xbox Game Pass It is stated that the service. Sony adding new services to PS Plus, Wants to increase the value of PS Plus. Still the best thing Sony has to do Xbox Game PasIt is stated to offer a service against s. Sony, along with the movie rights it holds, PS Plus Video PassIt will add value to. But PS users A competitor is waiting for the Xbox Game Pass service.

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