30 July 2021
Sony provides remarkable information about the new PSVR

Sony provides remarkable information about the new PSVR

Sony, A new for PlayStation 5 VR working on the title. Console manufacturer, a brand new for the next generation game console PSVR explained the first details of his headset and focused on, visual quality as well as streamlining the overall experience.

New PSVR will focus on image quality

Sony is in the new VR experience, in performance including higher resolution, wider field of view and better viewing.dramatic bouncesPromises to offer. In addition, the developer company said that your new glasses are also DualSense a new version that contains the elements of the controller and better VR It states that it will be the controller.

In addition to the new VRis not wireless and PS5’e It is also stated that it will be connected with a single cable.

2021 No release date specified for the year next generation VR Regarding the title, Sony will do “too muchStressed that it is business.

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