28 July 2021
Sony sets date for new State of Play event

Sony sets date for new State of Play event

Console manufacturer Sonynew generation game console He wants to continue the successful momentum he caught with PlayStation 5. The technology company, which continues its work without slowing down, offers innovations that will make the players happy as well as hardware developments.

The event was announced on Twitter

In this context, with the announcement made on Twitter, the company State of Play announced its activity. State of Play returns this Thursday! Live stream at 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET to see updates and detailed reviews for games coming to PS4 and PS5. ” The company, which excites game lovers with its sharing, is expected to announce new games.

30 minutes It is not thought that any hardware related news will be announced in the event, which is expected to be presented in a stream.

Some of the events seen in the PS5 showcase will take place on Thursday third party and independent New announcements and update news about the games are expected.

Before the event Days Goneto come to the PC and Gran Turismo 7‘nin 2022Announcing the news about the delay until Sony’s on air tomorrow PS4 and PS5 It is also expected to show a preview of their games.

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